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Necessary Cat Grooming Tools: Physical & Mental

Necessary Cat Grooming Tools: Physical & Mental

Who does not LOVE to buy new tools? Especially when you are at a trade show where you can try everything out! As a former elementary educator who learned how to groom cats as a “bucket list” item and turned my cat grooming education into a successful house call business, my tool list is very minimal.

Upgrading Your Business with Software & Technology

Upgrade Your Business with Software & Technology

Oversized index cards, reminder phone calls and hours of handwritten notes have served our industry well for many years. But with today’s technology, consumers expect businesses to keep up with the times, providing quick responses and modern experiences.

Groomer Hacks

Groomer Hacks

“Life hacks” have been quite popular in the last few years. This term is used to refer to a shortcut, trick, or novel method of accomplishing something in a way that makes life more efficient and productive. Sometimes “hacks” describe a method of using ordinary things in creative ways.

Combs Crucial For Grooming

The lowly comb. It’s often treated like the Rodney Dangerfield of the grooming industry. It’s used & abused, but “It don’t get no respect!” The basic comb is a workhorse of a tool. In fact, you can’t complete a groom without one. But, it seldom receives much in the way of recognition or glory. It’s a simple tool that we take for granted. A comb is just a comb—right? No, not any more.

Which Dryer Is Right For Me?

Needed not just to save time, but also to get “the right look”, pet grooming dryers are some of the most important pieces of equipment in a pet grooming salon. The decision of which to buy can be complicated. The type of dryer, available utilities, length of hose, intended location of the dryer, tolerance for sound, performance, and budget—along with a host of other factors—need to be considered.

Tech That Protects: Wearable Safety Solutions

No one leaves their house in the morning expecting to have a medical emergency, be in an accident, or be the victim of a crime. But these occurrences can and do happen every day. The majority of groomers work alone.
If you have an emergency, being able to get immediate assistance can potentially be the difference between life and death.

To Cage or Not to Cage

Many years ago when I first opened my salon, a young couple brought their Toy Poodle, Spunky in to be groomed. We discussed the style of clip they wanted, and as they were leaving, I placed Spunky in a cage so that I could finish the dog I already had on my table.

Pet Dryers

A Groomer’s Best Friend
Whether it’s true or not – we have all heard that ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’. But, if you make your living in the grooming industry, you will find that ‘dryers are a groomer’s best friend’! Time really is money in the grooming profession, and the equipment you use has to help you make the most of every minute.

Choosing the Right Scissors for You

Recent conversations where groomers gather to share their thoughts found me reading about how frustrated stylists can be with pet owners who do not understand our work. It made me think about other service providers who must sometimes find their customers to be vexing. Then it occurred to me that I bet the folks that sharpen our scissors can find we groomers a bit annoying.

How to Make Your Blades Fly Through Coat

Today, blade manufacturers are painting blades with a certain kind of paint to make them glide through coat. When the blades are used for an extended period of time, the paint starts to flake off because dog hair is very coarse and aggressive. These paint chips are hard to get out of the coat, short of washing the dog again.

High-End Brushes and Combs

Are they really worth the expense?
Oh, how times have changed in the pet care industry – and every groomer can be very thankful that they have. Not so long ago, groomers had a very limited selection when it came to choosing the combs and brushes that help them perform their jobs.

The Importance of ‘Liquid Tools’

Back in ancient times, when I was a new groomer, the variety of shampoos and conditioners designed for pet use could be counted on one hand. There were just a few brands, and those brands had a very limited variety of products. They could be depended on to get dogs clean, keep static down and maybe help a bit with detangling…

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