Dave Campanella, Author at Groomer to Groomer

Dave Campanella

Dave Campanella is a PGC Educator, entertaining seminar speaker, popular podcast guest, and industry columnist. He is Best Shot Pet Products sales and marketing director with over 30 years of pet industry wisdom. He and his wife Tracy co-owned a full-service pet salon and self-wash in Ohio prior to relocating with Best Shot to Kentucky over 17 years ago. Together they enjoy exhibiting at grooming shows, being industry ambassadors, dog breeding and showing Kerry Blue Terriers along with their Samoyed and Lowland Polish Sheepdog at AKC events.

Where Mindfulness & Innovative Technology Meet

Over twenty-five years ago I met my best friend and wife, Tracy. Those of you who know us understand how I owe my passion for the pet industry and career to her. That’s because behind every good man is a loving woman, and in my case, talented pet groomer. She introduced me to the joys of dog companionship, pet grooming as a profession, and ultimately my job in pet products sales.

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