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Melissa J. Viera

The Little Talked About Challenges of the Second Groom

The Little Talked About Challenges of the Second Groom

A new puppy owner will experience many exciting firsts with their pup, whether they have owned many dogs before or they are first–time puppy owners. The first vet visit, first outing, first adventure and first puppy class can all be important parts of bonding with the new pup and watching him grow and mature with each new experience.

Choosing to Grow: Christina Duncan's Story

Choosing to Grow: Christina Duncan’s Story

It is inevitable that, as a person, you will change over time—sometimes moving in the right direction and sometimes getting stuck. The world and the people around us change constantly. Change is a part of life.

The Rescue Groomer: Kasey Van Dyke's Story

The Rescue Groomer: Kasey Van Dyke’s Story

Grooming professionals strive to make pets look their best with teddy bear styles and ring–ready breed trims, but grooming is not always about getting the styles just right.

Upgrading Your Business with Software & Technology

Upgrade Your Business with Software & Technology

Oversized index cards, reminder phone calls and hours of handwritten notes have served our industry well for many years. But with today’s technology, consumers expect businesses to keep up with the times, providing quick responses and modern experiences.

longer styles

Client Tips for Keeping Pets in Longer Styles

A short clip can be an excellent grooming choice for many breeds of dogs when clients want something low maintenance for their pet, but what are the style possibilities for clients who want their dogs in fuller coats?

Top Tips for Working with Challenging Customers

Top Tips For Working With Challenging Customers

Think about someone close to you—whether a friend, a parent, or a sibling. What is it about that person that makes them special? Why do you get along with them? Now think about the qualities that you don’t like in them so much.

Judy Hudson Story

Be The Best You Can Be: Judy Hudson’s Story

Setting goals and dreaming about the future is the easy part compared to the hard work that it takes to reach those goals. If you want to be great at something, you must do a whole lot more than dream about it.

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