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Budgeting for Retirement

Budgeting for Retirement

“Hi Michell. I attended some of your classes at the Northwest Grooming Show! Thank you for teaching a class about retirement. I am not very good at following a budget but you really got me thinking about how little time I have to get ready for retirement. How much money do I actually need?” –Gloria

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Rustic-Coated Breeds: "Natural" vs Matted

Rustic-Coated Breeds: “Natural” vs Matted

“Hi Michell.  I have several new customers with Logotto Romagnolos.  They tell me not to brush them.  They want them to look messy.  They have mountains of information (or misinformation), pictures, videos and print-outs galore.  They don’t understand matts. They don’t understand that what they want is impossible!  What should I do?” –Connie

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