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About Us

Groomer To Groomer Magazine

Groomer to Groomer began 25 years ago, as a media arm of Barkleigh Productions, teaching professional groomers how to promote their business through the use of Barkleigh products. It soon became a vehicle of grooming news for the burgeoning professional pet-care industry, carrying news of contests, calendar of events, features and product news.

Each issue goes to approximately 25,000 Pet Care Professionals!

Groomer to Groomer is mailed only to those pet care professionals who want it. It is not mass distributed to the trade as many other trade publications are. Our mailing list goes to the “cream of the crop” of active professionals, and changes constantly.

Groomers must request a FREE one year subscription and renew every year. For your own subscription, CLICK HERE to complete the request form.

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