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Just Surprise Me!

Toby is one of my favorite little poodle dudes. He is a faded red, oversized toy that I just happen to adore. I have to laugh when he is being checked in and my husband, who runs the grooming salon check–in for a few hours in the morning, asked Toby’s mom if she would like the same haircut as last time.

Topknots To Top Hats

Hats are fun. We all have plopped one on our heads from time to time. Wouldn’t it be fun to fashion a hat on your dog or on a client’s dog for special occasions? Let’s discover how to make a hat that Fido won’t be able to shake off. Follow along with this cute how–to pictorial as I show you how to create and decorate a cute spring hat for Easter from an overgrown head of hair.

When You Wish Upon a Paw Dreams Come True!

“I’m still on cloud nine,” says an ecstatic Adriane Pope breathlessly. “It was the most amazing day of my entire life!”
What Adriane is referring to is the day she won the coveted Peoples Choice Award at the 2013 Creative Styling Competition at Groom Expo.

Su Eld-Weaver Takes Creative to the Next Level

“It’s like a dream! I can’t believe it… I’ve wanted this so badly!” exclaimed an ecstatic Su Eld-Weaver as the huge first place trophy for the 2013 Creative Styling competition was presented to her. “What an amazing feeling!”
A determined Su Eld-Weaver and her Standard Poodle traveled all the way from the United Kingdom to Hershey, Pennsylvania, this past September.

The Creative CRAZE!

Through the years, there have been many inventions and innovations that have contributed to the growth of our grooming profession: the A-5 clipper, detachable blades, rechargeable clippers, adjustable knob scissors, hydraulic tables and tubs, vacuum clipper systems, high-velocity dryers, mobile grooming vans, computer programs, and professional grooming books.

Creative Advertising

As we enter into the holiday season there are many avenues of advertising that can be very inexpensive—or even free—for your business to take advantage of, and Creative Styling can play a huge part in that for you. It will require some prep work and a little research on your part.

The Trim That Cracked Me Up

I love grooming and learning new things to keep it interesting. And it is always so much fun meeting the people we become friends with through the internet in person, and friends of friends who then become your friend. On this particular weekend I decided to spend some time with longtime friend and fellow groomer Helen Schaefer and attend a workshop on Asian Style grooming that was being hosted at Smoochie Pooch Salon in Portage, Indiana where Helen was working.

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