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Model Dog Madness

Model Dog Madness

“Shine like a Flower.” This is a quote from groomer Tanja VanDer Vooren who works at the Hounden Trimsalon Ursi, which translates to Grooming Salon Ursi in Helmond, Netherlands. Tanja has been grooming since 2004. Ursi was the name of her first dog who was an inspiration to her career; as with most of us, it all starts with that one special “heart” dog. 

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Blueberry Bichon

Blueberry Bichon

Cold weather blues can sure get you down, but not if you live with a Bichon clown to make you laugh and bring you a smile. Harry has decided to become the rare Blue Parti Bichon for this particular demo.

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Rally Squirrel

Rally Squirrel

On October 5, 2011 an American gray squirrel appeared on the field and ran across home plate at Busch Stadium during a National League Division Series Major League Baseball game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the St. Louis Cardinals.

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X Marks the spot

X Marks the Spot

Over the years I have always done modified grooming. It conforms to the dog and comes from my heart, head and hands.
There is no right or wrong way to these styles as it is the job of the groomer to bring out the best in every pet and make the owner smile with delight when they see what we have been able to create with their beloved pet.

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razor pens

Razor Pens

Razor Pens are the newest creative carving tool hitting the grooming scene. Like many tools in our industry, they are a cross over from the beauty industry. The small pen–shaped tool holds a very thin, very sharp razor blade that is folded and inserted into the shaft of the pen that holds it.

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My Toy Giraffe

My Toy Giraffe

I have just returned from a trip to Pooch Styles Pet Grooming in District Heights, Maryland where I met with the owner of Pooch Styles, Kyonna Brown, and her staff for a fun filled day of Creative Styling. Kyonna has some very enthusiastic and trusting clients who happily entrusted their fur kids to us for a “who knows what might happen kind of day”.

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Just Surprise Me!

Toby is one of my favorite little poodle dudes. He is a faded red, oversized toy that I just happen to adore. I have to laugh when he is being checked in and my husband, who runs the grooming salon check–in for a few hours in the morning, asked Toby’s mom if she would like the same haircut as last time.

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