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Fat Free Felines & Fidos

Fat Free Felines & Fidos

Cats have long been maligned and misunderstood by not only groomers, but the general public as well.
A majority of early pet groomers were misled by the horror stories from unprepared groomers that had been bitten by frightened cats.

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The Real Heroes of Our Industry

If not for DOGS where would we all be? Dogs provide us, the grooming professionals, with the opportunity to showcase our creativity. In addition, there is our chance to earn a living doing something that we truly enjoy and find rewarding, while providing a health benefit for the dogs and their owners as well.

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The Creative CRAZE!

Through the years, there have been many inventions and innovations that have contributed to the growth of our grooming profession: the A-5 clipper, detachable blades, rechargeable clippers, adjustable knob scissors, hydraulic tables and tubs, vacuum clipper systems, high-velocity dryers, mobile grooming vans, computer programs, and professional grooming books.

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