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Rabbit Grooming

The longer you work as a groomer, the more interesting the requests seem to get. Groomers who have been at it for years have the best stories about odd and unique requests, involving everything from bizarre grooming styles to unexpected species.

Grooming As A Family: Alexis Sanches’ Story

Every family is unique. An outsider could flip through the pages of a family’s scrapbook and only imagine the feelings attached to old ticket stubs, pressed flowers, scraps of paper, and photos. For the family that created those memories, every piece gives them the chance to live the memory again.

Grooming The English Shepherd

You may have had this breed of dog on your table before and never known it. English Shepherds, also known as “farm collies,” “old time collies,” and “farm shepherds,” were brought to America by early British settlers. They put the dogs to work on farms and homesteads, guarding both livestock and property, as well as herding and hunting.

Lagotto Romagnolo

Grooming 101:
Lag Roms are a double coated non–shedding breed. They have a heavy wool coat and should not be blown out. They should not carry a lot of coat as pets or show dogs. They should not carry more than an inch and a half of hair.

Controlling the Chaos

“Michell, I work in a very busy shop with lots of groomers, bathers and dogs. It is fairly chaotic. I work hard to keep my dogs under control and comfortable at all times, but I struggle. I know it is possible because when I watch videos the dogs are calm and they just stand there. I am so tired of wrestling with dogs all day long. I can’t get help from my co-workers because they let the dogs do anything they want. Do you have any advice on how to get my dogs to cooperate?”

Grooming Animal Actors: April Gray’s Story

If you are a groomer, you know how oddly satisfying it is to scrub a dog clean, noticing the dirty water going down the drain as you do so. You know you are doing your job when you see clumps of coat flying out while drying a golden retriever, or when a thick nail flings to the floor after you clip it.

Selling Dog Grooming

Most of us successful dog groomers are making a living at this because we not only love dogs and handling them, but because we have an aesthetic eye for the dog

Grooming from the Heart

Even When No One is Watching
There are few words that can sum up the connection between humans and animals. Try to tell someone who has never experienced the human–animal bond what it’s like to connect with an animal and you will be left standing there unable to explain.

Preparing a Puppy for a Lifetime of Grooming

Through Behavioral Training
Welcoming puppies into the grooming salon is a fun time for new pet parents. It’s exciting for you as a groomer, too, but it can also be a challenge and a headache.

Are You Listening?

I have been grooming Classy for four years. She is usually a pretty laid back Peke-mix until you get to her face. That is our routine every 6 weeks.
Classy’s father fell ill, and her grooming routine was put on hold for several months. I received a call from her mom, wanting to get her back on track. As I backed Proud Mary into the driveway.

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