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Wavy Doodle Short Trim

Wavy Doodle Short Trim

As the Doodle population explodes, the diversity of their body type, shape and size, as well as coat type and texture is also expanding. There is no “cookie cutter” trim for the Doodle so we must adapt to the dog presented to us.

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samoyed maintenance trim

Samoyed Maintenance Trim

The Samoyed is a double–coated breed that requires extensive coat care to keep them in good shape. This can prove to be a challenge for the average pet owner who may desire a tidier, cleaner appearing dog adorned by coat furnishings that are less likely to attract every sticker, twig and leaf in the yard. This heavy-duty maintenance places them on our Bread & Butter list.

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Small Drop Coat Trim

Small Drop Coat Trim

There are quite a few breeds that fall into the small “drop coat” category and most of them are on our Bread & Butter list. There are many ways to style the drop coats into a user–friendly trim so the client can comfortably maintain the coat at a medium length and still respect the tied-up top knot look.

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English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel

The English Springer Spaniel and the English Cocker Spaniel, although originating together, gained distinction in the early 1900’s with the Kennel Club of England. The American Kennel Club went on to recognize the English Springer Spaniel into the sporting group about eight years later.

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the cairn terrier handstrip article

The Cairn Terrier Handstrip

Cairn Terriers rank somewhere mid–range of all breed registrations with AKC. Even though not a common breed, Cairn Terriers have graced the silver screen as far back as the mid 1930’s, making notable appearances in dozens of films along side such blockbuster stars as Shirlee Temple, Judy Garland, John Wayne, and Nicole Kidman, to name a few.

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Self Service: Is It For You?

There I was again, on my knees, bent over my bathtub, trying to give my two uncooperative Cockapoos, Molly and Oscar a bath. I have two towels under my knees to cushion them from the hard tile floor. The sudsy Molly and Oscar are jumping in and out of the bathtub, shaking dirt and suds all over the bathroom walls, and this was just the beginning of their bi-weekly bathing process.

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shih tzu makeover

Shih Tzu Makeover

A sporty and cute trim on the Shih Tzu can take a variety of forms. For this segment, we will focus on a short body with slightly longer leg coat and a short and easy-to-manage round face.

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The New Grooming Salon Part II: Understanding And Negotiating The Commercial Lease

Thus far we have learned some key points relevant to property inspection, zoning ordinances and pertinent questions to ask a potential landlord regarding the property and lease. To narrow your choice further, negotiation must take place with the prospective landlord. Understanding the lease document itself is arguably one of the most important aspects of selecting a rental location.

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