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Working Together: Jazmin & Charidan’s Story

Photos by Melaney Carpenter Sirius

It’s not unreasonable to assume that every industry has a side that the rest of the world doesn’t quite understand or see, but grooming seems to be high on the list of being misunderstood. Your non–grooming friends might tell you how lucky you are because you get to “play with puppies” at work, but you know what it takes to do this job each day.

 Every day you give it your all; pushing your body, wearing many hats and keeping pets happy. “Play” is not typically the word you would use to describe your nine–to–five. But another thing that makes groomers unique is their ability to work hard, even when faced with challenges.

In an industry like no other, having a healthy network of other groomers that you can reach out to can be a true blessing. After all, where else can you turn when you have to vent or celebrate? Groomers understand what goes on behind the scenes!

Mobile dog groomers Jazmin Cuevas, owner of “A Brand New Dog,” and Charidan Morales, owner of “From Wags to Riches,” learned what it can mean to work with other groomers instead of competing, and now they are sharing their message in hopes of inspiring other groomers to do the same.


“In my area of Southern California, I have met so many amazing mobile and stationary salon groomers and we all refer customers to each other,” Cuevas explains. 

Cuevas, a groomer for over 15 years, remembers what it’s like when you first start in the grooming business, and now she can give back to new groomers the way others did for her when she began. 

“When I opened my mobile business six years ago, a local groomer was more than happy to refer people to me because she was unable to accommodate everyone,” she shares.

For Cuevas, grooming is a career that her heart led her to and one she is passionate about, and it shows because she now fills her days with a full schedule of loyal customers. 

“Now that I am completely full, it’s my turn to refer anyone that I cannot accommodate to other businesses that I network with,” says Cuevas.

Morales, a groomer for 12 years and mobile business owner for six, loves grooming for multiple reasons, with her love for animals being at the center. Morales explains that mobile grooming allows her to provide a peaceful environment. 

“I started grooming in a high–volume shop and wanted to provide a calming, one–on–one experience for pets and their owners,” explains Morales. “It has also done wonders for my own stress levels, and physical and mental health.”

It was a social media group that started the friendship between Cuevas and Morales. In the world of business, it’s easy to get caught up in a competitive mindset, but those willing to work with their competitors are seeing the benefits. Groups for groomers on Facebook are where many mobile and salon groomers can network with each other. For Cuevas and Morales, helping each other out goes beyond referring clients to each other.

When Cuevas had mechanical problems with her mobile salon and a full schedule of clients to drive to, it was Morales who stepped in to help, driving Cuevas to appointments in her salon on wheels until she could get the problem fixed. For these two groomers, community has many meanings, including being there to support each other’s businesses.

“The message that I would like to share is to help each other and to network,” says Cuevas. 

“There is enough negativity in the world and being able to make someone’s day better is such a blessing,” adds Morales. 

Groomers that want to meet other groomers have many tools to do so. One group recommended by Morales is the Facebook group “Mobile Groomer Zone.” Cuevas recommends taking the time to get to know the groomers you will network with and possibly refer clients to, checking out their social media and so on. 

Grooming can be competitive at times, but at the end of the day, no one knows what it is like to do this job like other groomers. Taking the time to be a part of the grooming community and to help other groomers whenever possible might just be career–changing. ✂️

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