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longer styles

Client Tips for Keeping Pets in Longer Styles

A short clip can be an excellent grooming choice for many breeds of dogs when clients want something low maintenance for their pet, but what are the style possibilities for clients who want their dogs in fuller coats?

Top Tips for Working with Challenging Customers

Top Tips For Working With Challenging Customers

Think about someone close to you—whether a friend, a parent, or a sibling. What is it about that person that makes them special? Why do you get along with them? Now think about the qualities that you don’t like in them so much.

Judy Hudson Story

Be The Best You Can Be: Judy Hudson’s Story

Setting goals and dreaming about the future is the easy part compared to the hard work that it takes to reach those goals. If you want to be great at something, you must do a whole lot more than dream about it.

A Groomer for Rescue Dogs & Cats

A Groomer For Rescue Dogs & Cats

Grooming can make a big difference in the lives of pets, and in some cases, it may even save lives. For New York dog and cat groomer, Mark Imhof, also known as “Mark the Dog Guy,” It was a pit bull named Cleo that started him on the path to becoming a groomer for shelter animals in desperate need of his services.

7 Things You Should Do During Intake For New & Returning Clients

There is never enough time in a day for busy groomers. But managing time well and knowing how long each step of the grooming process should take, from intake to check–out, will allow you to be fully present and do your best work without your clients feeling like they are being rushed out the door when they drop off or pick up their pets.

Growing Up In The Grooming Salon: Macie Pisa’s Story

Growing up, the now 25–year–old Macie Pisa was no stranger to competitive dog grooming. Looking back, she remembers the hard work and excitement that filled her home in the days leading up to a grooming competition.

Rabbit Grooming

The longer you work as a groomer, the more interesting the requests seem to get. Groomers who have been at it for years have the best stories about odd and unique requests, involving everything from bizarre grooming styles to unexpected species.

Much More Than A Left Handed Groomer: Nadia Bongelli’s Story

Grooming professionally wasn’t always what the now 28–year–old, Nadia Bongelli had in mind. But since her grooming career began nearly seven years ago, she has become completely immersed in grooming, competing, and dog shows. Bongelli is the sole proprietor of The Purple Dog Groomer, out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

“Before I was grooming, I was attending York University in Toronto,” says Bongelli. Although she enjoyed her studies, Bongelli could not clearly see a future goal for herself that would make all of her hard work feel purposeful, leading to feeling unhappy as a student.

Grooming As A Family: Alexis Sanches’ Story

Every family is unique. An outsider could flip through the pages of a family’s scrapbook and only imagine the feelings attached to old ticket stubs, pressed flowers, scraps of paper, and photos. For the family that created those memories, every piece gives them the chance to live the memory again.

Grooming Animal Actors: April Gray’s Story

If you are a groomer, you know how oddly satisfying it is to scrub a dog clean, noticing the dirty water going down the drain as you do so. You know you are doing your job when you see clumps of coat flying out while drying a golden retriever, or when a thick nail flings to the floor after you clip it.

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