Combining Her Passions to Help People & Pets: Déja Pearson’s Story

Combining Her Passions to Help People & Pets: Déja Pearson’s Story

Pet groomer and yoga instructor Déja Pearson has a busy schedule running her grooming salon, True Vibes Unleashed, located in Shaker Heights, Ohio. But full days of grooming pets and teaching yoga does not stop Pearson from making self-care a priority.

Whether a major life change is inspired over time or in one moment, there are inevitable obstacles when moving towards that change. Thinking about the possible risks involved with change and dwelling on which choice to make can hold a lot of people back from making a move at all.  

Instead of remaining stuck in a position that was not bringing happiness, Pearson put pen to paper and began making a list.  

“I was working dead-end jobs and finally made the decision to do something that made me happy,” explains Pearson.


After throwing all of her ideas onto the list, she began to rank them by interest level. Pearson may have already known on some level what she discovered with the list, but before she knew it, she was applying for any job she could find that involved working with dogs. This step, taken almost a decade ago, led Pearson to a job working for a luxury pet hotel. And although she did not start out in the grooming salon at the hotel, she found herself gravitating towards that side of the business.

“I peeked inside every time I passed by,” says Pearson referring to the grooming area. “I made up any excuse I could to go in there, and began begging my manager to be a bather.”

Eventually, Pearson’s manager acknowledged her interest, and a grooming career for Pearson began from the ground up. Pearson started to learn the basics of grooming at the pet hotel, but her dedication did not stop when she clocked out. After completing a groomer education program and working under an experienced groomer as an assistant, Pearson began working as a groomer.    

In April of 2020, Pearson launched her Instagram page for True Vibes Unleashed as a way for her to reach groomers interested in learning yoga. As someone who had experienced job-related pain herself before learning yoga, Pearson enjoys helping other groomers heal and strengthen their bodies through the practice. She explains that the page began gaining traction quickly. Before she knew it, Pearson was opening her business which offers both pet grooming with a holistic approach as well as yoga resources for professional groomers. 

“After some permits, paperwork, and minor renovations, I was up and running by December 2020,” she shares enthusiastically.

Pearson began experiencing pain shortly after the start of her grooming career years ago, which is what inspired her to try yoga after nothing else seemed to work.  

“Even though I loved my job and couldn’t wait to go,” Pearson continues, 

“I had a hard time getting out of bed and I couldn’t do anything when I returned home from work.”

Her yoga journey began with learning basic poses, but after noticing a difference, she was eager to continue learning.  

“I became infatuated with yoga; starting with an app, then going to classes, then eventually going to yoga teacher training so I could teach other groomers that they don’t have to accept pain as part of the job,” Pearson shares.

Being able to groom without pain continues to inspire Pearson to help other groomers discover what yoga can do for them.  She explains that yoga is something anyone can do and that it is about more than stretching.

“Yoga is a window to see inside of yourself,” she adds.

Pearson recognizes that many groomers experience pain at different points in their career and she plans to continue spreading the word about what yoga can do.  

“Your body is your most important asset. New groomers tend to be preoccupied with getting the perfect cut, but if you pay attention to groomers who have been doing this for more than three years, they are already experiencing back pain. Begin taking care of your body now so you can get the most out of your career. It doesn’t have to be yoga, but any form of exercise that helps you feel rejuvenated, refreshed, stronger, and ready to go the next day is essential for career longevity,” Pearson concludes. ✂️

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