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Laura Watts’ Story: Finding Strength for Success After Tragedy Strikes

When you step inside Plush Paws Pet Salon, an Orlando–based dog and cat grooming salon, you will immediately begin to understand why the popular salon has become a favorite amongst locals—even winning the title of “Best Groomer,” in 2015 by Orlando Weekly and Orlando Sentinel.

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Groomer Stories – Riza Wisnom

A Groomer with a Sense of Humor
There is one thing that is almost guaranteed to make you feel lighter and make your day flow a little more smoothly. You don’t buy it from a commercial you see on TV, and it doesn’t take much time or effort to use. When your cheeks are pinned up, your eyes are all squinted, and something so funny just hit you that you could fall to the floor

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Kayla Oliveira’s Story

When you speak to a prospective client for the very first time, you are already beginning to build a relationship with them. Clients might find you through an ad in the local paper, a few words typed into a search engine, or the recommendation of a friend. Whatever it is that brings clients to your door, the relationship you build with them can be a major reason why they keep coming back.

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From Chemist to Groomer

Aubrey Bird’s Story
Everyday heroes don’t dress up or write the word “hero” after their name, but even in their everyday-person-disguises, heroes are making a difference in the lives of the people – and animals – that they meet. A hero (or heroine) is a person with courage. We think of heroes as people with strong, brave qualities that we want to emulate, but those traits come in many forms.

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Low Stress Drying Procedures

Every groomer understands the challenges of having to work quickly and produce beautiful results when your client is a living, breathing animal. Groomers must be prepared to deal with situations of all kinds in order to keep things running smoothly. An uncooperative dog doesn’t have to result in a headache for you and your employees.

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