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Much More Than A Left Handed Groomer: Nadia Bongelli’s Story

Grooming professionally wasn’t always what the now 28–year–old, Nadia Bongelli had in mind. But since her grooming career began nearly seven years ago, she has become completely immersed in grooming, competing, and dog shows. Bongelli is the sole proprietor of The Purple Dog Groomer, out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

“Before I was grooming, I was attending York University in Toronto,” says Bongelli. Although she enjoyed her studies, Bongelli could not clearly see a future goal for herself that would make all of her hard work feel purposeful, leading to feeling unhappy as a student.

Grooming Animal Actors: April Gray’s Story

If you are a groomer, you know how oddly satisfying it is to scrub a dog clean, noticing the dirty water going down the drain as you do so. You know you are doing your job when you see clumps of coat flying out while drying a golden retriever, or when a thick nail flings to the floor after you clip it.

A Funny Thing Happend…

Grooming Matters
When working with people and animals, amusing things can happen. Sometimes those things don’t seem so funny at the time, but given a little space and room to breathe, they can become great stories.

A Career That Still Feels Like a Hobby

Groomer Stories
Every groomer’s story had to start somewhere. Even the top groomers had to awkwardly hold shears for the first time; practicing holding their hand steady. Before we become great at anything, there are many hours spent practicing and studying. It doesn’t happen in one moment, but over time,

Michael Rogers, Groomer to the Stars

Groomer Stories
Grooming celebrity dogs is a lot of work. After all, celebrity groomers play one of the most important roles in getting their furry clients ready for the world to see in magazines and on TV.
After getting groomed by Michael Rogers, dogs are left with a style that shows off all of their best features so they are ready for anything.

Kayla Oliveira’s Story

When you speak to a prospective client for the very first time, you are already beginning to build a relationship with them. Clients might find you through an ad in the local paper, a few words typed into a search engine, or the recommendation of a friend. Whatever it is that brings clients to your door, the relationship you build with them can be a major reason why they keep coming back.

From Chemist to Groomer

Aubrey Bird’s Story
Everyday heroes don’t dress up or write the word “hero” after their name, but even in their everyday-person-disguises, heroes are making a difference in the lives of the people – and animals – that they meet. A hero (or heroine) is a person with courage. We think of heroes as people with strong, brave qualities that we want to emulate, but those traits come in many forms.

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