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More Conversations from the Contest Arena

My last two columns covered comments from both sides of the grooming table: the judge’s side and competitor’s side. There was a lot of good banter, and I’m sure there was some eye-opening all around. Thanks to everybody who sent me their comments. I would like to revisit those columns with a little more feedback that did not make it into the first two versions.

Ear Wrapping

A couple of years back, I was finishing up Charlie Bear, a rather large, thick-coated, well-behaved Golden Retriever. He is groomed every six weeks in a short puppy cut. In addition to skin issues, Charlie suffers from chronic ear infections.

Cupcake Tail

Colorful Tails from the Creative Side

I am amazed at the things people will throw away. One such thing was a perfectly good two-year-old Pomeranian. Cupcake had been a client’s dog, and the client asked me to re-home her before moving to New York. “Sure”, I replied. “No problem. Drop her off.”

Lady and the ‘Tramp Stamp’

We love art, and we love dogs. What better combination could you think of than the two? None, says the creative groomer in me! From a little touch of color on the ears or some shiny booty bling to a full-on extreme creative transformation, there is something creative that will appeal to everyone on every level.


Scottie Pet Trim

Often described as the oldest breed in Scotland, the Scottie has found his way into the hearts of Americans, including two U.S. presidents, and onto the growing list of our Bread & Butter clients. His harsh, wiry coat is preferably hand-stripped to maintain the “wash and wear” functionality, but that is not always practical for the average pet owner.

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