Times Really Are A'Changin - Groomer to Groomer

Times Really Are A’Changin

Today’s groomers are recognized by everyone as the talented artists they truly are. Very sadly, though, in the early seventies, groomers received very little respect. They were initially hired to groom in pet shops, and then typically told that part of their job consisted of cleaning soiled cages and feeding the shop’s animals.

When these starry-eyed groomers balked at this, the pet shop owners would say, “See, didn’t I tell you that all these groomers are flakes? None of them stay on the job for a long time!”

On the other hand, veterinarians were quick to recognize that these groomers were a great addition to their veterinary practices.  Having pet owners bring their dogs and cats in on a steady monthly basis to a groomer that was located in a vet’s office was a surefire way to increase business at the vet’s medical practice, as well as a newfound income.

For some strange reason, it took several years before the big-box store operators realized that adding a grooming department to their stores would increase their revenue. They did this by simply adding a glass-encased room to some of their stores and stocking it with groomers and grooming managers they found or trained. Thus began their jump onto the grooming wagon!


Nowadays, the latest trend is for new franchisors to sell their franchise arrangements that feature combination grooming services and retail pet supplies countrywide. I believe this is a golden opportunity for any established groomer to add an attractive, well-stocked retail store to their business. This can be done by either carefully selecting one of these franchises or setting up your own business.

You already have the grooming knowledge and the customers to help support your endeavor, and your clientele probably buys their pet food and supplies from other sources, so why not grow your own business first before a new competitor appears in your town or close to you?

If needed, most pet product manufacturers will gladly offer helpful advice in setting up a retail operation for you. However, do not let them oversell their products to you!

Most importantly will be how attractive you make the surroundings.  Even if the store’s area isn’t huge, it is eye appeal that counts. No need to spend outrageous sums of money to make the addition, creativity will do the trick, and surprisingly well!

With your artistic groomer’s eye, I’m sure you can do it successfully. With best wishes—go get it! ✂️

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