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By Dawn Omboy

Many groomers are really wanting to do some type of creative work in their salons but do not know where to start or are worried about doing dye work that holds on indefinitely.

Tina Lavender of Wags and Wiggles Dog Boutique & Spa in College Station, Texas has worked right around that problem by using temporary products on about 95% of creative clients. She has also found that by doing temporary color her clients are actually coming in sooner to get a redo on their cutsie little designs.

To get them interested, she will usually do the first one at no charge and because the designs are temporary, she keeps the cost down only charging about eight dollars or so depending on the design.

Fig. 1) This particular client, Mugzi, who loves to chase squirrels, got a simple stenciled squirrel design put on his short clipped back at no charge. That got them hooked!


Fig. 2) The next week, Tina wanted the squirrel to be a bit more detailed so she downloaded a better picture and, using sticky-back foam and an exact-o knife, made a more detailed stencil that can be reused over and over.

The stencil is then placed against the dog and the color is blown on with a Blow Pen. For those who are not familiar with Blow Pens, this is a 2 part manual airbrush delivery system with a colored marker inside. They are temporary and usually the color comes completely out with just one or two baths.

Fig. 3) So on this visit, Mugzi got the more detailed squirrel strategically placed so that the tail of the squirrel blended into the tail of the dog, making for one really cute, quick design that can be repeated in minutes for a nice add-on price. Thank you Tina for sharing this cute idea with us! ✂

Making the World more Colorful, one dog at a time…

Queen of Color

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