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The Dark Cloud Hanging Over Your Salon

As if you don’t have enough headaches in keeping a successful salon going, there is a dark cloud hanging over your head. That cloud makes clients’ dogs disappear. That’s because some of your clients’ dogs aren’t growing hair anymore; they aren’t breathing, either.

Setting Up a Business

It is no secret that I am moving in a parallel direction to grooming. Several times a week, I would pass by and notice an office for rent, which overlooked a golf course. I could hear it call my name. I am not sure what took so long (maybe fear), but on New Year’s Eve 2012, I made the decision to follow my dream and open up a Reiki Wellness and Educational Center for both people and animals.

Client Communication

Although your official job title may be “Professional Pet Stylist,” it’s a safe bet that many of your clients also expect you to be a mind reader. Whether you have been grooming for only a few months or for 30-plus years, lots of pet owners think that you should automatically know exactly how they want their precious pet groomed.

Getting Organized

My life as a groomer is controlled insanity. Trying to service clients, balance family, and get time for myself often leaves me pulling chunks of hair out and mumbling in a corner. To add insult to injury, the more hectic life gets, the more keeping organized and tidy takes a backseat.

Northwest Grooming Show

The Northwest Grooming Show separates itself from other shows in many ways. The groomers that attend are some of the most social and helpful that you will find anywhere. It doesn’t take long to feel comfortable with new groomers that you meet.

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