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How to Retain More Clients with an Email Marketing Campaign

By Ali Getz

It takes more than great service to retain clients in today’s competitive pet grooming industry. More than ever, it’s important to build credibility and trust with your own client base so they know that not only are you a grooming expert, but that you care about your customers, too.  Email Marketing Campaigns are the easiest ways to keep your business in front of your customers and ensure they continue to use your services rather than a competitor’s.

Email marketing is a fast and cost effective way to keep in touch with your clients and remind them why you’re the best choice to keep their pet healthy and looking great. Sending a monthly newsletter to your clients keeps your business “top of mind,” so that the next time their pet needs a haircut, you’re the first company that pops into their head.

Here are a few things you’ll need to get started with Email Marketing for your business.

Start with Your Email List

To send out an email newsletter to your clients, you will of course need their email addresses. Include a link to sign up for your newsletter on your website, social media page, or even your email signature. If you have a business location, set up a sign up sheet at your reception desk so that all of your clients can stay up to date on the latest from your company.

Find an Email Marketing Provider (No, Not Outlook!)

In order to send out customized newsletters each month to a large number of people, you’ll need to find an Email Marketing provider. Make sure you go with someone who knows the pet grooming industry well. They’ll likely be providing content for your emails (Hint: See the next section), so you need to be confident that they know what they’re talking about as it pertains to the pet grooming industry. After all, the newsletters will be coming from your name and business, and you want to show your customers that you’re a leading expert!

Have a Balanced Content Plan

The provider you select should be able to provide you with great custom content to keep your clients reading, but if you choose to provide your own content, there are a few things to keep in mind. We try to stick to the “90/10 rule,” where 90% of the information you present is educational and only 10% promotional. Yes, your newsletter should “sell” your company and services, but it should first and foremost remind your client base why they’ve chosen you in the past. Provide them with interesting and educational content to help build your credibility and develop even more trust with your customers.

Write Engaging Content 

You’ve compiled an email list of your clients, you’ve found a reputable provider who knows the pet grooming industry well, now it’s time to create content. If you’re planning on writing your own content, it’s important to understand what makes an email “clickable.” After all, there’s no point in sending out an email every month if no one is taking the time to open and read it. Make sure your emails aren’t getting lost among advertisements and spam messages with some of our content suggestions below. Don’t cut and paste rehashed “old news.” Be seasonal and make it personal. Trust us – it works best.

As we mentioned, the main goal of your newsletter should be to educate your customers. A great and entertaining way to do this is to include a few quick and easy tips that you would want your friends and family to know about proper grooming techniques, pet healthcare, etc. Things like:

  • How Often To Brush Your Dog: Brushing your dog every few days will help to detangle their coat, distribute natural oils, and remove dead skin and hair. It’s also a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your pooch.
  • Fear Of Baths : If your dog isn’t a fan of the bathtub, don’t force it. Gradually get them used to it by first introducing them to the bathroom, then the bathtub, then finally adding water once they are comfortable.

It never hurts to include a coupon or special offer to all of your loyal customers who have taken the time to open and read your email newsletter. This is a great place to include that “10% promotional” content we mentioned earlier. Try something like:

“Call us today to schedule your furry friend’s next grooming session. Mention this email when you call and we’ll include a free dental cleaning.”

Email Marketing is the easiest way to reach your entire client base in a matter of seconds. Think of all the emails you send out every month to your friends, family, clients, etc. Shouldn’t one of those emails be specifically focused on growing your business? If you’re not utilizing Email Marketing, you’re missing out on an affordable and effective way to retain your clients. ✂

Ali Getz is the Email Marketing Consultant for Market Hardware, Inc., which helps pet care professionals compete on the Internet. For more information, visit, email Ali at [email protected] or call 888-381-6925.

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