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Back to Basics: Poodle Trims

“I hate to clip poodle feet.” I’ve read this on internet grooming forums many times. And when I do grooming demonstrations at trade shows, countless groomers will approach me and ask, in a whisper, “Can you show my how you do feet?”

Pet Styling Tips From Andis Grooming Ambassador Kendra Otto

If your poodle’s feet get shaved, it is important to follow the correct pattern on the feet. Kendra Otto, Andis grooming ambassador prefers the ProClip Pulse Ion Adjustable Blade Clipper: “The 5-in-1 adjustable blades offers versatility. Lighter colored, red and apricot poodles have very sensitive skin, so be sure to keep blades running cool and you might want to use a 10 or 15 blade on their feet. For dark poodles, a 15 or 30 blade will work well.”

The Scarf

Sometimes those short haircuts can be a little tricky to dress up after a shavedown, so …

The Scarf Read More

AKC to Offer Breed Grooming Certificate Courses

New York, NY – The American Kennel Club (AKC®) announces the launch of Breed Grooming Certificate Courses in collaboration with Barkleigh Productions, kicking off this November at the New England Grooming Show with the Poodle.

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