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Standard Poodle Teddy

By Kathy Rose

Poodles and Doodles make up a large portion of our regular Bread & Butter client list. Many of these clients want a short, low maintenance trim.  Short – but not shaved is a good description.

The use of a Clipper Vac system is a time saver and eliminates a lot of back brushing as well as hair on the floor and in the air. For this model, a “0” snap on comb placed over a “30” blade was used for the body.  An “E” comb was used on the legs and topknot and a “1” on the cheeks. These blade choices can easily be altered to accommodate the client. Keep in mind that when using a Clipper Vac, the coat will be approximately one length shorter than without.

As with every pet, good preparation is important. A thorough bath and conditioning with a quality pet shampoo, followed by blow-drying the coat out straight is imperative. Sanitary, nail trimming, and ear cleaning are also completed prior to styling.

Fig.1) Lift the dog’s head and begin clipping at the jawline, following coat growth direction (#0 snap on comb with Clipper Vac).


Clip down the fore chest and over the point of shoulder, falling off before clipping into the leg coat of the upper arm. Clip down the sides of the neck and shoulders.

Fig.2) Starting about 3-4 inches behind the occiput, clip the neck, back, and flanks following coat growth direction.

Clip over the hips, falling off before clipping into the leg coat.

Fig.3) Clip over the point of rump and down the back of the upper and lower thighs to just above the hock.

Clip the undercarriage, against coat growth direction, from the rear all the way forward between the front legs and up towards the brisket.

Fig.4) Change snap on combs to a longer comb (#E, with Clipper Vac). A good rule of thumb is at least three lengths longer. Clip the rear legs, following coat growth direction.

Fig.5) Move to the front of the dog and clip the front legs using the same guard comb that was used on the rear legs.

Fig.6) Use curved shears to round all four feet. Trim straight across the front of the foot first, next trim each side creating a square. Finally, round the corners to create a round foot.

Fig.7) Blend the tail onto the back and trim the underside of the tail. Do not create a distinct tail band.

Fig.8) Trim the rear legs to form parallel columns.

Fig.9) To trim the inside of the rear legs, lift the opposite leg.

Fig.10) Place the dog close to the edge of the table and trim the hock, rounding upward.

Fig.11) Blend the hips and upper thighs to the back.

Fig.12) Use curved shears to neaten the tuck up area and to follow the natural underline of the dog, up through the front legs onto the chest.

Fig.13) Use long straight shears to trim the front legs. First, trim downward on the outside of the leg.

Fig.14) Lift the opposite leg and trim the inside of the front legs. Next, stand in front of the dog and lift the front leg slightly. Trim straight up the front of the legs, forming parallel columns.

Fig.15) Use thinning shears to trim the eye corners. Do not trim bald the bridge of the nose.

Fig.16) Trim the cheek in front of the ear with a snap on comb (#1 comb, no clipper vac).

Fig.17)  To trim the other side, fold the ear back and hold the jaw with your other hand and then trim.

Fig.18) Switch to a longer snap on comb and trim the topskull from back to front (#E, no Clipper Vac).

Fig.19) Use chunkers to blend the tops of the ears to the topknot and to trim the muzzle into a round shape.

Fig.20) Grasp the muzzle and use chunkers to blend and round the jaw and muzzle.

Fig.21) Use long curved shears to shape the ears and tidy the edges.

Fig.22) Lift the tail and tidy the edges.

The use of snap on combs, especially when used in conjunction with a Clipper Vac system, are incredible time savers! Let the guard attachments and Clipper Vac do most of the work for you. When finishing up the style by scissoring, keep in mind that you are only tidying and shaping the coat, not taking off length.

This type of trim is one of our most popular trims for large Poodle type dogs and can be adapted to suit almost any coated pet on your “Bread & Butter” list. ✂

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