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Topknots To Top Hats

Hats are fun. We all have plopped one on our heads from time to time. Wouldn’t it be fun to fashion a hat on your dog or on a client’s dog for special occasions? Let’s discover how to make a hat that Fido won’t be able to shake off. Follow along with this cute how–to pictorial as I show you how to create and decorate a cute spring hat for Easter from an overgrown head of hair.

Creative Advertising

As we enter into the holiday season there are many avenues of advertising that can be very inexpensive—or even free—for your business to take advantage of, and Creative Styling can play a huge part in that for you. It will require some prep work and a little research on your part.

The Face-Off of a Matted Dog

On this not so busy day, one of the new clients was a very matted mixed breed dog named Sandy. Most of Sandy’s coat was severely matted and would need to be stripped down with a 7f, only a portion of his back and bits of his head were not matted.

Sharing Creative Styling in China

Anyone who knows me knows that I love color and Creative Styling; I also love the artworks of my dear friend Amber Powell Brooks.
One of her pieces that I absolutely love is of a standard poodle wearing an Asian theme. For me, this has been a wonderful teaching design.


Many groomers are really wanting to do some type of creative work in their salons but do not know where to start or are worried about doing dye work that holds on indefinitely.
Tina Lavender of Wags and Wiggles Dog Boutique & Spa in College Station, Texas has worked right around that problem by using temporary products on about 95% of creative clients.

The Timeless Spiral Trim

On Sunday December 11th 2011, I asked Jerry to tell me the story just one more time. I have heard it for 25 years and wanted to have it forever. Jerry sent me the words below in the form of a 3rd person bio and I want to share it with you, as this trim laid the foundation for Creative Styling as we know it today.

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Football fans come in all shapes and sizes and yes, even breeds. This little guy, Ash, is a big fan of Jarvis Jones, #95 quarterback for the Steelers. When his dad came in to pick up the little mix breed dog he mentioned just how much he loved the Steelers, and particularly the quarterback Jarvis Jones.

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