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Ring Tail Pom

By Dawn Omboy

This is not a new breed but could be a designer dog by the choice of the owner. I started with just a few simple tools, color mediums, and one cream colored Pomeranian with tons of coat. The color products I chose for this dog are two different blacks that complement each when mixed together and do well at coloring the sometimes harder to color hair, a small application brush as well as firm paint brushes, and a mixing tray to make it easy to mix up small amounts of dye at a time so there is no wasted product.

This client wanted a lion trim on her dog so the next step is to cut off the excessive coat on the dog, leaving it in a rough cut of the lion trim
(Fig 1). I then mixed equal parts of Avatar black with Kiss Express Jet Black and cut out a small hole in a waste basket liner to use to protect the body of the dog while dying the ears (Fig 2). Carefully slip the bag over the head and past the ears, exposing them but keeping as much of the neck protected as possible. Then with your application brush, apply the dye mixture to the ears (Fig 3).  The plastic bag wrap will prevent color accidents during and while the color is setting.

To create the ring tail, begin by taking off any excess hair with your thinners or chunkers. Start at the base of the tail and paint the first ring, move down, leaving a space and start the next ring by brushing a thin layer of dye all the way around the tail
(Fig 4). Repeat this all the way to the end of the tail then carefully wrap the tail in foil to protect it while dying the rest of the design onto the dog (Fig 5).

Now we are going to move on to the feet. With the same brush, apply the dye to all 4 feet. Then with the smaller paint brush, make small rings around the legs, just above where you dyed the feet (Fig 6). Let the dye set for at least 20 minutes after the last dye was applied. Rinse with cool (not cold) water until the water runs clear, wash and rinse again. Dry and style your dog as usual and enjoy the cuteness overload! “


Making the World more Colorful, one dog at a time… 

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