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Groomer TLC

Is this a typical day for you? Get up early, grab some coffee and go to work. You work, work, work, and have a quick donut or energy bar for lunch. Then work, work, work some more, go home, woof down some dinner, and collapse on the couch—then do it all over again tomorrow.

Declare Your Day!

As I get older, I seem to need more days where I can feel like I’ve actually made a difference in the world rather than just meet my quota of dogs groomed. It might be that as I get older, I really enjoy having a sense of accomplishment and I like to feel that my efforts have actually mattered. Maybe because as I stare down at the Big (Gulp!) 5–0 next year, I want to be sure that I leave a substantial mark on this planet that we call home. This is why I now start all my days, “Declaring!”

Grooming from the Heart

Even When No One is Watching
There are few words that can sum up the connection between humans and animals. Try to tell someone who has never experienced the human–animal bond what it’s like to connect with an animal and you will be left standing there unable to explain.

Groomer Island

Grooming is a demanding craft. A professional groomer must be knowledgeable in many facets from animal handling to customer service. He/she must be proficient in hundreds of different breed styles, profiles, and handling various coat types.

Safe Handling

I love being a pet stylist. It’s difficult for me to comprehend doing anything else, but sometimes I just can’t bring myself to tell some people what I do. First, you have to say it twice, like they didn’t hear you the first time. “You’re a what?” they ask with a deer-in-the-headlights look on their face.

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