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Victoria Blair

Declare Your Day!

As I get older, I seem to need more days where I can feel like I’ve actually made a difference in the world rather than just meet my quota of dogs groomed. It might be that as I get older, I really enjoy having a sense of accomplishment and I like to feel that my efforts have actually mattered. Maybe because as I stare down at the Big (Gulp!) 5–0 next year, I want to be sure that I leave a substantial mark on this planet that we call home. This is why I now start all my days, “Declaring!”

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Burnout: The Struggle is Real

Maybe you’ve been working too hard. You get out there, charge up your engine and it keeps going and going. You enjoy the weekend, (or work the whole time) and love raking in the cash. Or, you have been at this a long time. It’s the only skill you know, but you’ve stuck with it, because it pays the bills. Or, you’re a newbie.

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Time for the Big Girls

As people who work in the service industry, we’ve all been there. Times when you have to be the adult and deal with things that you really don’t want to deal with. I’ve heard the phrases, “Suck it up,” “Gird your loins,” “Pull the Band-aid Off”, or “Draw a Line In The Sand.” But, no other phrase seems to empower me more than “Putting my Big Girl Panties On.”

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