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Declare Your Day!

As I get older, I seem to need more days where I can feel like I’ve actually made a difference in the world rather than just meet my quota of dogs groomed. It might be that as I get older, I really enjoy having a sense of accomplishment and I like to feel that my efforts have actually mattered. Maybe because as I stare down at the Big (Gulp!) 5–0 next year, I want to be sure that I leave a substantial mark on this planet that we call home. This is why I now start all my days, “Declaring!”

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Harmony in the Grooming Shop

Several years ago I received a call from a pet owner wondering if I groom “evil Chihuahuas.” Her longhaired dog, Pepe, was banned from yet another grooming shop. It was suggested to her that Pepe would need sedation at a veterinarian’s office in order to be groomed.

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