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Spring Cleaning

It’s that wonderful time of year again. The days are getting longer, the hard, cold winter is behind us. It’s the time of year where generations of people have dug deep into the ritual of spring cleaning. Wiping the dust, scrubbing the grime, polishing the… EVERYTHING… to banish winter and embrace the bright days ahead. Here are some suggestions on how you can make your work space, be it a mobile unit, a portion of some other pet–based business, a home–based place, or a regulation storefront, really shine.

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Teaching Talent

“My mother was a public school teacher,” said Debi Hilley. “She taught first grade and Head Start. She instilled in me the importance of education and went over and above teaching her kids. Maybe her work has something to do with me wanting to help teach other groomers.”

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Grooming The English Shepherd

You may have had this breed of dog on your table before and never known it. English Shepherds, also known as “farm collies,” “old time collies,” and “farm shepherds,” were brought to America by early British settlers. They put the dogs to work on farms and homesteads, guarding both livestock and property, as well as herding and hunting.

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Groomers Behind Bars

“Kristie and I were initially kind of worried when we went to prison,” said pet stylist Emily Rupe. Kristie Kingsland, owner of As the Tail Wags Grooming in Oviedo, Florida, joined Emily in doing some time. But it wasn’t hard time.

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Striving to Style

“I was 12, I can confidently say, when I really attached myself to dogs. I had a terrible adolescence: my family was broken with divorce, my brother beat my mother and me daily, and I took care of my baby brother while my mom went to work or was out partying. We were very poor,

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Primping Puppies

Last week I groomed a very nice, well behaved dog. I complimented his owner on his excellent grooming manners and she said, “When he was a puppy, the groomer where I used to live had me bring him in every week for a while. They would put him on the table and play with him, trim his nails, give him a little brushing.

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Ripples in a Pool

“I have a grooming industry hero. She is also a mentor, someone who goes above and beyond for other groomers. She is a woman of many talents, always busy with some new project designed to make things easier and better for pets and groomers. I wish I had her energy and drive. She writes books, sells wonderful shears, and knows so much about skin and coat care. Yet with all she does, she does not think herself so high that she can’t take the time to write a long email answering a grooming question or even drop a note to say, “Hello, how are you doing?”

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Holding on to Happiness

What is it that makes some people able to maintain a sunny outlook while others seem to become mired in the negative minutia of day to day existence? Believe it or not, happiness can be a choice. This idea was first introduced to me when I was a sullen college student. “Man is master of his mood,” Dr. Ken West told a full classroom. I was dumbstruck. Until that moment I thought my hormone driven moods were the master of me.

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What You Said. What They Heard.

It is a sad fact that many hurt feelings are caused by very simple miscommunications. One person says something, believing that they are being crystal clear with their words. The person they are talking to misunderstands what was said and feels unhappy. In our line of work, misunderstandings can carry additional emotional weight because people love their pets very much, and can become very sensitive if they believe their pet care professional harbors negative feelings about their dog or cat.

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First Aid Kit

When Accidents Happen

An obviously upset groomer recently contacted me via social media. She had accidentally nicked a dog while grooming. I have had similar experiences on more than one occasion during the past 30 years, and could well empathize with her. I vividly remember the first time a dog I was grooming required medical care.

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In with the New

It’s a brand spanking new year and I don’t know about you, but I find that to be rather exhilarating! I like to think of things I can do to make my life a little more fun, easier or more exciting during this time of reflection and planning. I also like to apply these principles to my grooming. Here is a list of 12 ideas that you might like to incorporate into your new year, or maybe you will think of things that suit you better.

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