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The Industry’s Longest Running Event Continues the All American Tradition!

August 15–18, 2013 Wheeling, Il

All American Grooming Show

By Staff

The All American Grooming Show will return to The Westin Chicago North Shore in Wheeling, IL, from August 15–18, 2013. Following the show’s 40th annual event in 2012, founder Jerry Schinberg sold the show to Barkleigh Productions. While under new management, the All American Grooming Show will continue to offer incredible education, exciting GroomTeam-sanctioned competitions, and a three-day trade show.

Barkleigh Productions will also maintain the many traditions that Jerry Schinberg started over the past 40 years. Long-time attendees will still find on the schedule many of the special events they have grown to know and love, from the Knock Your Socks Off Smock Contest to the Abstract Creative Runway and Saturday night party. Jerry will also continue to be an important part of the All American Grooming Show as emcee of the show’s events. “We are excited to continue with the tradition that Jerry has created,” says Barkleigh president Todd Shelly. “The show has a great identity. We hope to make the transition as seamless as possible.”

In addition to maintaining the long-standing traditions of the All American Grooming Show, Barkleigh Productions will also introduce some exciting new programs and educational opportunities. For the first time ever at All American, Gary Wilkes will share his expertise with attendees in several animal behavior seminars throughout the weekend.

The All American Grooming Show has an all-star lineup of speakers. Industry icon Teri DiMarino will bring her popular Brusher Bather Certificate Program to the Chicago show. Other unique seminars include “Science of Skin” with Michelle Knowles, who will address skin and coat health as well as methods for managing skin issues. Groomers can also spend an hour with Sam Kohl, who will take attendees on a tour of grooming throughout the ages with “History of the Grooming Industry.”

Competitions at the All American Grooming Show will continue to be GroomTeam sanctioned. Groomers will have the opportunity to compete for cash prizes and GroomTeam points in the open, intermediate, or entry skill level. Grooming contests feature five different classes: Poodles, Sporting, Terriers, All Other Purebreds, and Salon Freestyle.

Grooming contests will also include the creative styling competition, an exciting event that began with All American founder Jerry Schinberg. “Given my creative nature, it should come as no surprise that the seed of creative styling was sown in my head early,” Jerry told Groomer to Groomer in 2010. Twelve groomers entered the first creative styling contest in 1980. “I was expecting some really exciting and creative trims that first year but was disappointed in the results. I shared these feelings with the first winner, Lynette Wallace Jacobsen, which made her a little angry but also challenged her.

“At the next show, which I co-sponsored with Margaret Migliorini in Atlanta, Georgia, in May 1981, Lynette was back with a vengeance. She executed a beautifully scissored, balanced, and symmetrical spiral trim that went from the back of her Miniature Poodle’s head, several times around the body, and ended at the base of the tail. It looked like a corkscrew. It wasn’t until several years later that Lynette confided in me that the real name of her spiral trim was ‘Screw you, Jerry Schinberg!’”

Since that first contest in 1980, creative styling has grown in popularity, capturing the attention of TV producers and drawing out competitors from around the world. In previous years, groomers at the All American Grooming Show brought their completed creative dogs to the show and presented the finished work to judges and audience members. This year, groomers will sculpt and color their dogs’ hair in the contest ring and transform them into works of art before the audience’s eyes. Creative groomers are not only competing for trophies and prizes but also the coveted People’s Choice Award.

In addition to the seminars and grooming competitions, attendees will have three full days to enjoy the trade show and the many show specials vendors have to offer. The All American Grooming Show is an excellent time to stock up on salon essentials and take advantage of trade show discounts on your favorite products. The trade show also offers the unique opportunity to try out products and see them in action before making your purchase. Try on smocks, feel the shears in your hands, and find the products that are just right for you. Vendors and company representatives will be available to demonstrate products and answer any questions you might have.

Mark your calendars: August 15–18, 2013!

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