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Groomer to Groomer Forges into the Future!

Within the new digital version, the traditional magazine layout is reworked into a fully digital format that can be viewed on any device without needing any downloads or apps.

For more than 40 years, Groomer To Groomer has been a valuable resource and an industry lifeline for groomers and others in the pet care world. It started as a small newsletter developed by Pennsylvania groomer and Barkleigh’s founder, Sally Liddick.

Educating and bringing groomers together was always very important to Sally. Her newsletter, written by a groomer for groomers, was quickly embraced by her readers. They loved the content of the magazine and how the publication connected them with each other. The magazine grew and soon had subscribers throughout the country.

Barkleigh has always been on the cutting edge, determined to provide their readers with unparalleled, comprehensive industry coverage. In addition to the print version, it became available to read online at It was just the second magazine in the United States to offer that option to their readers.


Through the years, technology has changed and, true to its roots, Groomer To Groomer is “leading the pack” to present new technology to its readers. Groomer To Groomer will continue to be a print magazine, but what has changed is the revolutionary new digital platform version. Now, you can experience the magazine and its content in an all new interactive setting.

Within the new digital version, the traditional magazine layout is reworked into a fully digital format that can be viewed on any device without needing any downloads or apps, allowing you to have your favorite industry magazine with you wherever you go. One-hundred percent of the print content will be captured in the new digital design.

Even more remarkable, the digital version contains additional enhanced features and content that is not available in the print version. For example, if you are reading an article about Asian Fusion grooming, you may be able to click and listen to an audio file or instantly watch a video demonstration of a related groom.

Share-ability is another fantastic feature of the online platform. You can share part of an article, the full article or the entire magazine on every social platform. Suppose there is an article about maintaining a doodle at home between professional grooming sessions. You can immediately share it with your doodle clients or all of your social media followers, which is a great way to educate and inform others, and a huge opportunity to reinforce your standing as a knowledgeable professional.

Even the advertisements have an exciting new look. With just one click, you can instantly go to the advertiser’s website or see a new tool or piece of equipment in operation. With a print magazine, you either have to call the advertiser on the phone or send them an email to get more information about their products.

Another great feature is that the digital version will be accessible to everyone. Anyone in the world can do a Google search on a grooming topic, and if anything on the subject has been published in an issue of Groomer To Groomer, just one click will take them to the article. 

To see this revolutionary, educational and entertaining new format for yourself, take a look at the exciting first issue: ✂️


Kathy Hosler

Kathy Hosler opened her shop in 1971 when she was just nineteen years old. She has built a terrific business and is still actively grooming today. Kathy is also a feature writer for Groomer To Groomer and Pet Boarding & Daycare Magazines, and has been nominated twice for the Barkleigh Honors Journalist of the Year Award as well as a Cardinal Crystal Achievement Award for Grooming Journalist.

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