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Michell Evans

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Waiting List Woes

Waiting List Woes

“Hello Michell. We are so busy that we have a waiting list. If our customers don’t want to wait until we have an available appointment, we require them to book the earliest available appointment that works for them and then put them on the waiting list.”

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Cage Free Salon: Is It Safe?

Cage Free Salon: Is It Safe?

Hello Michell. I am finally opening my own dog grooming salon. I am so excited! I am very strongly leaning toward a cage–free salon. There are many reasons for my decision; cages are expensive, the owners don’t like to have their dogs in cages, dogs don’t like being in cages and it brings me joy to watch them run around and play with each other.

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Surviving the Sporting Shortage

Surviving the Sporting Shortage

“Hi there Michell. I have been trying to find a sporting dog to use as a model for my certification exam. We have lots of Labs and Goldens but hardly any Springers, Setters or Cockers. The few sporting breeds we have ask us to shave the whole darn dog with a #10 blade. I want to talk a few of my customers into letting their dogs grow out but I don’t know where to start. Any suggestions?”

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employees pulling their own weight

More Pets = More Profit: Getting Your Employees to Pull Their Own Weight

Dear Michell, I am the owner of a small grooming salon in Tennessee. I have six groomers. We are running almost at capacity but my net profit/take–home pay is just not what I want it to be. I’ve been looking over my prices, payroll, supplies, and other expenses to see if there are places that we can improve profit. My groomers are slow. They could all do at least one more pet per day, if you ask me.

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how much should I charge graphic

How Much Should I Charge?

Many people have written to ask this question in various forms and I get asked over and over again when I teach educational seminars. It takes a lot of time to answer this question.
It requires an in–depth conversation about your business and personal finances.

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