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Tech That Protects: Wearable Safety Solutions

No one leaves their house in the morning expecting to have a medical emergency, be in an accident, or be the victim of a crime. But these occurrences can and do happen every day. The majority of groomers work alone.
If you have an emergency, being able to get immediate assistance can potentially be the difference between life and death.

The Evolution Of Technology In Cat Grooming Salons

I remember the days of appointment books and post–it notes. When I first started out in grooming I kept records of my business in a simple book and scheduled my customers on a rotary phone. My schedule was easy to read, it was portable, and I could scratch out cancellations and write down new appointments. I used it multiple times a day.

Grooming Your Career for Success with Technology

Technology can open up a whole new world in three distinct ways:
1. Customer Perception
How your customer feels before, during, and after the groom.
Check in. Can you quickly check in a client and have all notes and histories ready and up to date? Sorting through paper index cards can be slow and hard to keep track.

Grooming Software

Don’t be Terrified of Technology
To boldly go where no one had gone before! That was the mission of the Starship Enterprise. It’s kind of the same situation for groomers who have never used business software.

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