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Cat Shampoo

Cats & Shampoo: Know What’s In The Bottle

In the old days, us groomers used Dawn dish soap, Johnson’s baby shampoo, Goop, alcohol and other unhealthy ingredients on cats. Thankfully we have come a long way and shampoo manufacturers have stepped up to the plate and designed safer alternatives for us to use.

rescue cat

Grooming The Rescue Cat

As part of my business model, I have implemented an incentive to owners of recently adopted cats in the area. When a cat is rescued from any local shelter, I offer my initial service for free. This has proven to be a win-win approach in gaining customers as well as caring for their new family member for years to come.

The Natural Truth: Are Natural Products Really Safe To Use On Cats?

That’s a tricky question requiring an in depth understanding of the word “Natural” and how products are made and marketed.
When we look at labels of grooming products and pet food, the term “Natural” in some cases misleads us into a false sense of security. Natural products are marketed to convey the message that the product or food is safe because it contains natural ingredients, as opposed to artificial.

Cats: To Brush Or Comb

When I have a cat on my table, the first thing I do is evaluate the skin and coat. I check for tangles and mats. And by using my hands first to feel for troublesome areas, I am also preventing a painful tug of a comb. Once I have a better idea of the condition of the cat, I know whether to use a clipper or a comb.

Cats & Dryers

Some cats shouldn’t be dried by any dryer. But for the ones that we do dry, the quieter the dryer, the better it is for the cat! Cats for the most part don’t mind being dried, they just don’t like the sound and the feeling of the forced air on their face and whiskers.

The Evolution Of Technology In Cat Grooming Salons

I remember the days of appointment books and post–it notes. When I first started out in grooming I kept records of my business in a simple book and scheduled my customers on a rotary phone. My schedule was easy to read, it was portable, and I could scratch out cancellations and write down new appointments. I used it multiple times a day.

Skin Care In The Cat Grooming Salon

As groomers we see all kinds of skin ailments, but fleas and the dermatitis they may cause are by far the most common. Some cats are more sensitive than others when it comes to flea bites and they may exhibit more symptoms than the cat that is not at all bothered by the problem.
For instance, I have bathed cats infested with fleas and they seem oblivious to the pests. While on the other hand, I’ve groomed cats that have had adverse reactions to the fleabites and exhibit Flea Dermatitis

Feline Nutrition And How It Affects You As A Groomer

Let’s be honest. When we see an owner lugging an ultra–heavy carrier into our salons, we know the odds are good that the cat inside is smushed in there like a jelly filled donut. When I think of the voluptuous pampered cat, I’m reminded of the feline in the movie of Cinderella. Do you remember Lucifer lying flat out on his belly as he dips his front paw into his bowl of milk and waits for it to drip into his open mouth? I know the meaning of the movie was symbolic of patience and optimism, along with a great looking slipper, but to me, the cat was hysterical.

How to Keep Those Once-a-Year Cats In During the Winter

Keeping the summer momentum of cat grooming going into fall and winter can be a bit challenging but not impossible. For those of us in the northern states, we normally see a drop in our cat clients because of our harsh winters, but there are ways to keep the cats coming in. For instance, those cats that needed to be shaved in the summer are prime candidates for winter maintenance sessions.

Grooming Cats in Senior Communities

Don’t Miss an Opportunity for Growth
One of the many advantages of cat grooming is that you have more flexibility than in dog grooming. You will use less products and less equipment grooming them, too. I’d like to talk about one of those perks, which is adding a much overlooked group of clientele. Senior citizens.

Tweak Your Business to Attract Cats

Most groomers have horror stories about the one dog that was as nasty as a wolverine and have the scars to prove it, but what about the other 99 dogs that we rarely talk about? It’s true; people are more apt to talk about the vicious dog without mentioning anything about the other 99 that were cooperative and down right easy to groom.

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