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How To Get Dog Trainers To Recommend Your Salon

Dog trainers are always on the look–out for dog groomers they can recommend to clients. Groomers are part of a necessary professional care team for many dog owners and fill a need that a dog trainer cannot.
Working with a dog trainer is usually a temporary part of an owner’s life, while working with a groomer is a relationship that can extend life–long.

Making Private Labeling Work For You

Private labeling is much more than providing products and services with your logo and contact information on them. Private labeling has everything to do with branding.
Branding is simply the perception of how clients view your business. How your business is seen is what attracts the type of clients you currently have.

Grooming Menus and Receipts

Do your customers know all the services you offer? Do they feel like you charged appropriately during check-out? It is important that your customer understands that what you do is far beyond just giving a dog a bath. It is also important that they feel they got more than what they paid for during check-out.

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