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Why Dogs Lose Their Homes

This month’s column isn’t exactly about behavior. It’s about the broader effects of behavior and why I became a trainer and behaviorist. It all started about 35 years ago. I was out of college with no real desire to pursue my chosen profession: architecture.

National Rescue Round-Up Invitational

We groomers have a real soft spot for an underdog. Just walk into any of our country’s animal shelters and you will see that they are overflowing with the unwanted, unloved, and neglected—shelters full of underdogs. That’s why countless groomers already donate their time and grooming services to help them.

Rescue Royalty

Pet overpopulation in the United States is a serious problem. I recently had the opportunity to talk about that with Lorenzo Borghese, founder of Animal Aid USA and founder and president of Royal Pet Club. He is also an Italian Prince who was featured on the ninth season of The Bachelor.

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