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Disaster Preparedness

The days are gone when we can assume that emergencies and disasters happen someplace else. Weather patterns have changed dramatically over the last several years. Large cities built on fault lines are growing. We are overdeveloping land, which reduces or even eliminates natural protective barriers.

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The Importance of Insurance

Insurance payments can represent a significant amount of our monthly business expenses. While the goal of any business owner is to keep expenses in check, this is one category that you want to be careful with when trying to save money. I have to groom five dogs monthly to cover my insurance payment so I want to make sure my coverage is adequate.

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Grooming Elderly Pets

As groomers, we all have a favorite breed: the one we look forward to when we see them on the schedule. For me, it is not a specific breed but an age group. I just love the seniors. There is something about the white on the face and the gentleness of their eyes that just melts my heart.

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End Care and Grief

In the second pet first aid class I taught, someone suggested we bring a live dog. With that thought, Ricky, my golden retriever, joined the crew. Ricky loved coming with us to workshops and tradeshows. In fact, he would walk the trade show floor liked he owned it. Ricky knew everyone loved him and was usually greeted by his human friends well before I was even acknowledged.

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Eye Injuries

I have a riddle for you. What can go from minor to major in a blink of an eye? The answer is… eye injuries. It is why you should take a good look at a dog’s eyes during the check-in process. Check for excessive blinking, squinting, discharge, blood, cloudiness, bulging eyes, rubbing, or redness, all of which could indicate a pre-existing condition that may be aggravated during grooming. Bring any concerns to the owner’s attention beforehand.

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Live Events

Get Your Business Name Out There
If I could only do one form of marketing, it would be live events. I love them! The social butterfly in me is indulged. I meet people and chitchat all day long.

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All About Paws

As I write this article, I am sitting in the office of Pawsitively Pretty still wearing my paw-print grooming smock. I’m a little bummed today because I lost a paw print hoop earring. However, as I look around my office I see all sorts of paws on my walls, schedule book, and business cards. I know I’m not alone in my paw obsession. I bet all sorts of paws surround other groomers on a daily basis.

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Effective Communication

We all groom a “challenging” pet. Mine is Molly, a soft-coated wheaten terrier. Molly is a sweetheart. She is easily one of my best-behaved clients. What makes Molly a challenge is her health issues. I have overcome this difficulty because of effective communication between Molly’s owner and their veterinarian.

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Who’s In Control?

Every spring a friend of mine lovingly plants flowers along the walkway leading to her shop entrance. Without fail, a client walking their exuberant dog on a retractable lead will decapitate all her flowers. But it is not just the daisies that bear the brunt of a pet that is not in someone’s control.

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The “Whole” Pet

The Dirt on Holistic Grooming
The word “holistic” is currently a bit of a buzzword in the American language. It brings up connotations of woo-woo-crunchy-granola-touchy-feely-New Age feel-goodism. But what exactly does it mean and how does it pertain to the grooming industry?

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