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Drying Cats

Drying cats can be particularly challenging because they tend to curl their legs up to their bellies while we work on them. It’s the rare cat that will stand up to be dried. Time spent wrapped in a warm, dry towel is particularly effective for the felines on your client list. I like to wrap them up and cuddle them, gently squeezing their legs and tail through the towel to remove water.

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Ditch the Dread of Drying

Let me tell you a little secret. I don’t like drying pets. After over thirty years of grooming, I can still honestly say that I love my work, but that drying part? It blows. I know perfectly well how important a properly dried coat is. It looks better, is easier to style, and stays looking nice longer than an improperly dried coat. Since I don’t enjoy this aspect of the styling process, but want it done right, I have learned to get dogs and cats dried well, and quickly. Here are the tips and tricks I have learned over the years to help this process speed along.

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Pet Dryers

A Groomer’s Best Friend
Whether it’s true or not – we have all heard that ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’. But, if you make your living in the grooming industry, you will find that ‘dryers are a groomer’s best friend’! Time really is money in the grooming profession, and the equipment you use has to help you make the most of every minute.

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Low Stress Drying Procedures

Every groomer understands the challenges of having to work quickly and produce beautiful results when your client is a living, breathing animal. Groomers must be prepared to deal with situations of all kinds in order to keep things running smoothly. An uncooperative dog doesn’t have to result in a headache for you and your employees.

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Dryer Dilema

Ask the Grooming Tutor:
“I am starting a job at a new place. At the old shop, we crate dried almost every dog. At my new job, I have to dry dogs by hand. They use high velocity blowers and stand dryers. I have never used a stand dryer before. What do I need to know? “

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