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Groomer to Groomer Launches New Website, Mobile Magazine Apps

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By Staff

The next time you visit, you will notice that the site has undergone a major redesign. Not only has been updated to look beautiful on your computer, smartphone or tablet, but it has also radically shifted how it delivers the great content that you have come to expect from the grooming industry’s favorite trade magazine!

“While working on the new, we decided to rethink all aspects of the site completely,” says Todd Shelly, president of Barkleigh Productions and editor of Groomer to Groomer. “We came to the conclusion that in order to make the most of the immediate nature of the web, we needed to post content as soon as it was ready instead of waiting until after we have published it in the magazine.

“As a result, the website is now a different animal than the print magazine. You will still find all the same great articles and talented writers that you would find in the print edition, but you will also be able to watch instructional videos by some of the best groomers in the world, check out live coverage of industry shows like Groom Expo, and stay up to date on all the latest news in the pet care industry as it is happening.”

Shelly says readers can expect the site to be updated several times a week, if not daily. “We want to be a site that groomers rely on for information and entertainment every day. To achieve that, we will be posting new content as often as possible. Whenever there is a story that we feel pet care professionals need to know, you will find it on,” says Shelly.

Readers will find deeper integration with Facebook and Twitter on the site, allowing them to share articles and other content across the social networks quickly and easily. A new commenting system enables users to leave feedback directly on articles and videos.

In addition to a brand new website, Groomer to Groomer will also be launching a mobile version of the magazine for iOS devices.

“It is important for us to cater to our readers and how they prefer to receive our content. As new platforms for content, such as Apple’s iOS, come along and gain popularity, we want to expand our reach to include those platforms,” says Shelly. “Our readers love the print version of Groomer to Groomer and the top-notch writing they find in every issue, and soon they will be able to read the magazine on the iPhone and iPad as well as on the web and in print.”

Look for Groomer to Groomer on Apple’s Newsstand app in the coming weeks and on Android and Kindle in the near future.

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