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Pet Pomeranian Profile Trim

By Kathy Rose

The very thick double coat on a correctly coated Pomeranian can be difficult for the average pet owner to keep up with.  This easy to execute pet style shortens up the profile while maintaining the integrity of the breed.

Preparation is integral to the outcome of the groom. These dense coats matt easily, so I recommend a quick brush out prior to the bath. If the coat is packed tightly, blow out with a high velocity dryer prior to wetting. Poms can be prone to skin issues, so during the initial evaluation determine the appropriate shampoo to use. For skin and coat in good condition, use a clarifying shampoo followed by conditioner. Blow the coat out thoroughly.

Pad trimming, underwear, trimming of the whiskers and nails are also completed before the styling.

Fig.1) Use a light skimming motion to remove the excess coat on the bottoms of the legs. Do not cut into the undercoat, just skim the longer guard hairs off.


Fig.2) Use Thinning Shears or chunkers to blend up to the longer leg coat.

Fig.3) Use Thinning Shears to shorten the leg furnishings and blend into the body coat.

Fig.4) Trim the outer side coat to blend from the rear forward and upward towards the fore chest.

Fig.5) Trim the long outer coat on the back of the upper thighs and around the rectum. Trim the underside of the tail close to the rectum.

Fig.6) Blend the back of the upper thigh to the outer thigh, creating rounded hind quarters.

Fig.7) With tail held down, continue shaping up onto the back to blend. Do not trim into the under coat.

Fig.8) With the tail held up, shape the rear to accentuate the rear angulation and blend upward to the topline.

Fig.9) Continue blending the body forward to the shoulders, neck, and chest.

Fig.10) Trim the long outer coat on the undercarriage to follow the natural underline of the dog. Follow this underline between the front legs and blend up onto the fore chest.

Fig.11) Blend the chest from the undercarriage between the front legs up to the face.

Fig.12) Blend the chest onto the shoulders and the sides of the neck.

Fig.13) Use fine thinning shears to trim the ear edges. Trim straight across the top of the ear and then round the edges. The ears should not be a point.

Fig.14) Blend the ears and the head so that the ears are not prominent.

Fig.15) Round the face and blend the neck.

This trim is a pet version of a breed profile Pomeranian trim. It is more sculpted and shorter than a show trim and works well for the pet owners that don’t want as much of a high maintenance trim, but still want the classic Pomeranian look. ✂

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