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The Twilight Years: Caring For The Elderly Pet

The Twilight Years: Caring For The Elderly Pet

There are not many things that are more rewarding to me than caring for an elderly pet that has given their life in service to their companions. Caring for them is one of my greatest joys and pleasures.

skin science

Shave Science: The Facts About Shaving

There is an ongoing battle raging. Shaving down dogs and cats is probably one of the most controversial topics there is in the grooming industry so I wanted to shed some light on the scientific side of the debate.

basic paw care

For The Love Of Paws: Basic Paw Care

Feet are the foundation of movement. Paws come into contact with every surface they touch, whether outside or inside, and keeping them in tip top shape is important for the health and well–being of the pets in our care.

Fear Recovery: Learning To Trust The Brush

Currently there are many options to choose from when restraining pets during the grooming process. These tools keep the pet safe and preserve our hands and faces so that we can continue grooming in the future.

The Glorious Ear: Caring For The Ears Of Our Pet Friends

O Glorious ear! How lovely it is to pet and touch the velvety ears of our animals. Such a beautiful and loving gesture it is to touch the ear of a loved one. There are so many nerve endings and blood vessels, touching them communicates love and friendship and calms the giver and receiver of these caresses.

Communication And Education: Everything Depends On It

As I sit here, answering one last Facebook message for the night, I am struck by how important communication is in our lives. Communication can be verbal, or with body language and even the tone we use to convey a message.

The Real Dirt On Clay

Oh yes, give me some of that French green; that special Kaolin or Australian black. Yes, I am talking about clay. As far back as prehistoric times, humans have used clay internally and externally to relieve ailments and treat wounds. We may have followed the example of animals, who by instinct, eat and roll in mud for this very purpose.

Back to Basics: The Value of Good Skin Care

Many new products have come out on the market and many treatments, masks, techniques and methods have been touted as the new “spa”. Proper breed trims are obsessed over; what scissors we are using, what combs, brushes, widgets and the sprays; lotions and bows that are applied as the finishing touches to our masterpieces.

Summer Skin Issues

A Simple Guide
Here we are in the dog days of summer. Many of us have clients that are dealing with skin issues that are common when the sun and humidity are high. Here are some common issues and how to handle them in the salon environment.
Shaving should not be an option.

Detoxifying Masks

What They Are and What They Do
In the new world of “Spa” that has taken the grooming world by storm, there are many concoctions, products, and ingredients that are being offered to us to help heal and detoxify the skin and coat of the pet friends that we see every day.
Masks and Oils are used for this purpose to prepare the skin and coat to receive a therapeutic shampoo or treatment.

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