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CBD Oil for Pets: Is It Safe? Is It Legal?

One of my clients now refers to me as her dog’s “dealer”. As in, making sure I bring the weed treats when I come for his appointment. However, I make it clear that the “weed” treats are not medical marijuana but CBD oil infused treats.

mobile vehicle repairs

How to Be Prepared for Mobile Vehicle Repairs

As groomers, it’s been drilled into us to have spares of our equipment—spare blades, clippers, and don’t get me started on the number of spare scissors I own. But as mobile groomers, that list grows. There is nothing worse than having to reschedule a day or three over a simple fix just because we don’t have what we need on hand.


Groomers Emergency Assistance Fund: Groomers Helping Groomers

Just imagine that after 25 years of hard work, your business is no longer there; maybe it burned down or was swept away in a flood. What if you were in a horrific accident and lost a limb or two? Or a natural disaster totaled all your equipment and supplies?

When Is A Good Groom Good Enough?

When Is A Good Groom Good Enough?

As groomers, as much as we would like to finish a pet to our standards, it isn’t always possible. I have three such dogs as clients.
Cher is a 15 year–old Yorkie, whose limitations are due to her age. The aptly named Iffy is both geriatric and cantankerous. And then there is Pica. Pica is a 6 year–old Rottweiler.

Going Out On Your Own

Going Out On Your Own

In 2001, right after my daughter was accepted to Yale ($$$$), I decided to leave my corporate job and put a deposit on a mobile grooming van. Six months later I was in business for myself. It wasn’t easy, but preparation was key.

pet seizures

Pet Seizures In The Grooming Salon

You’ve been grooming Fluffy since she was a puppy. Now she’s 12 and the last couple of grooms you noticed that she is a little agitated when you turn on the high velocity (HV) dryer. Maybe her vision is not as good or her hearing is deteriorating.

tragedy in the grooming shop

Tragedy In The Grooming Shop

“There but for the grace of God go I.” -John Bradford
How many times have we said this to ourselves when we hear of a tragedy in another groomer’s shop? But how many of us are really prepared to handle that situation?

Cleaning The Air The Natural Way

How are you keeping your grooming facility smelling fresh and clean? Is it formaldehyde, ethanol, phenols, and petroleum-based artificial fragrances in a can with flowers on it? Those aerosols use neuro-chemicals to numb that part of your brain that controls your sense of smell. What they don’t do is eliminate the source of the odors.

Website Rules To Make Your Website Rule!

On any given day, there are over 3.5 billion searches on Google, each looking to be directed to a website that can help them. It’s safe to say that websites rule. But did you know there are rules that websites need to follow in order to be 1) found in a Google search, and 2) compliant with FTC (Federal Trade Commission) regulations.

Grooming At Westminster

The Westminster Dog Show is held every year in mid–February in NYC. I’ve always loved going, especially as it’s just a train ride away. Last year I shadowed Leah Shirokoff and Finn. As I walked through the staging area, I realized I knew half of the groomers from our own trade shows. No wonder these dogs look so good!

Making Private Labeling Work For You

Private labeling is much more than providing products and services with your logo and contact information on them. Private labeling has everything to do with branding.
Branding is simply the perception of how clients view your business. How your business is seen is what attracts the type of clients you currently have.

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