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Khris Berry

Networking Defined: Develop, Build, & Foster Lasting Relationships

Ginny the Groomer walks into the local grocery store and leaves with two new request clients and the promise of referrals for an entire neighborhood. We all know her—and marvel at the ease with which she introduces herself to prospective clients, strikes up conversations with strangers, and solicits her Pet Styling services. Ginny is a natural Networker.

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Hold The Phones

Telephones…a groomer’s best friend, a groomer’s worst nightmare. It never fails, you have a matted shave down on your grooming table, a customer waiting in the lobby, and the phone is ringing off the hook.

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Acceptable Animal Handling: Advocate for the Animals

Like many pet professionals, most groomers are shocked and sickened when reading headlines regarding animal abuse at the hands of pet professionals. We dedicate our lives and careers to being good animal stewards and in service to our client’s pets. When that relationship goes afoul, the entire industry pays the price. It is the responsibility of every single professional who chooses to work with a pet to self–police and commit to the protection of that pet when in their care.

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Groomer Island

Grooming is a demanding craft. A professional groomer must be knowledgeable in many facets from animal handling to customer service. He/she must be proficient in hundreds of different breed styles, profiles, and handling various coat types.

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Handling Bad Reviews

With a Winning Attitude
Sally S. began grooming at a young age. She honed her craft, saved her money, and found a mentor in the grooming business. After a time, Sally opened her own grooming salon, Sally’s Soggy Dog. Business ran great for a while with just a few novice mistakes; a missed tax filing here, a disgruntled customer there, but Sally learned and Sally’s Soggy Dog prospered.

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Good, Better, Best

Defining Best Practices For Your Salon
Best Practices for your salon are defined as a set of guidelines that you practice to complete your services in the highest manner for your clients and their pets. For many groomers, they are already in place yet not written or defined. You may have a certain way you greet your client, a particular way you like to complete a nail trim, or even a preferred style for your pet Bichon heads.

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Demystifying Groomer Pay

Groomer pay is a polarizing and well-debated subject in the pet service industry. Visit any social media outlet frequented by groomers and you will find the industry seems polarized. Groomers, shop owners, and even tax advisers are at odds with one another meanwhile the clients are unaware of the looming controversy behind the scenes.

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