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Family Matters

Family Matters

When you think of working families, you may instantly think of farming, carpentry or construction trades, small retail stores such as jewelers, or even the death–defying acts like the Flying Wallendas. I, however, instantly think of Pet Services businesses.

The Revolving Door: The Hidden Costs of Employee Turnover

The Revolving Door: The Hidden Costs of Employee Turnover

Every pet Grooming Salon is a popular salon in a mid–size town. When the owners of Everypet found themselves overbooked and understaffed, they placed an advertisement for a new groomer. Evelyn interviewed for the job and was hired.

The Paper Trail

The Paper Trail

The Pet Grooming industry is experiencing growth and change at an unparalleled rate. As busy working Pet Groomers, we struggle to keep up with advancements in every aspect of our jobs.

Safety First: Groomer & Pet Safety in the Salon

Safety First: Groomer & Pet Safety in the Salon

Donna is a groomer at a busy salon in a busy burg. She works with several other groomers and they enjoy a vibrant workplace with happy clientele returning regularly. Her salon is like most—it has tubs, tables, gates, some cages, dryers, grooming equipment and pets.

Shop drama and gossip

Salon Soap: Handling Drama & Gossip in the Salon

We’ve all heard the old rhyme: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” However, if you’ve ever spent much time in a salon atmosphere, you may disagree with the wisdom this rhyme imparts.

5 Tools Everyone Should Be Using

5 Tools Everyone in the Pet Grooming Business Should Be Using

Ask any groomer, and they will tell you that their tools are their lifeline. Many talented groomers recognize that they can achieve better results by utilizing better tools. Groomers love discussing their tools: clippers, shears, dryers, slickers, even nail trimmers.

green side of grooming part 2: money

The Green Side Of Grooming Part 2: Money

How do you create a viable self-sustaining business that will endure and thrive? Chances are, if you own a Pet Service Business, your livelihood depends on you showing up to work and customers showing up to pay for your services. This segment focuses on learning to implement basic money management strategies to help you thrive today, tomorrow, and long into the future!

The Green Side of Grooming, Part 1: Management

The Green Side Of Grooming – Part 1: Management

Management of any business can be intimidating and exhausting for even the most seasoned Pet Professional. After all, many of us started our Pet Businesses because we preferred interacting with Pets rather than People. There is no shame in knowing where your passion lies—this series will spotlight common issues and solutions to help you manage your Business and staff more seamlessly and effortlessly.

Focus: Improving Your Aim For Everyday Excellence

Carol works in a salon with two other groomers. The groomers in her salon get along great, and each have their regular clients as well as time to take new clients as they come calling. They pride themselves in relating to their customers and completing quality grooms.

Crafting A Career: Your Life, Your Way

When your parents and their parents were young—they chose a career. John became a plumber. Steve was an electrician. Donna became a secretary or a teacher. They trained for or found an opportunity and accepted a job. That job became their career. In short, their career chose them.

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