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What You Don’t See Can Hurt You

By Kathy Hosler

Do you sanitize your blades, tools and all of your grooming, bathing and holding areas between every pet you groom? Probaly not.

Most of us are very meticulous about cleaning the dirt we see—but that doesn’t mean that you’re also eliminating the germs. If you could actually see germs in the air and on the tools, surfaces and equipment in your salon or mobile, you would be horrified. Even when you are diligent about cleaning, micro–organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungus and other germs could remain. 

We all know that cleaning and sanitation are critically important, but, we often don’t realize the devastating results that can occur if we don’t keep on top of it. Your salon can appear spotless and still be crawling with harmful micro–organisms. Parvo, dog flu, kennel cough, ringworm, staphylococcus…any one of these can close down your business temporarily—or permanently. Now more than ever, products and equipment to sanitize your salon are a necessity, not a luxury.

Lynne Allen, President and founder of Tool Klean, was a successful groomer and multiple salon owner for many years. When she retired from active grooming, she dedicated herself to finding unique and innovative products to make groomers’ lives easier.


“I saw a huge need in our industry in the sanitation of grooming tools,” says Lynne. “I began to investigate the benefits of using ultraviolet light (UV–C) to kill bacteria, viruses, and other germs that are found in our workplace.”

Here’s how it works: the sun produces three wavelengths; UV–A, UV–B and UV–C. The UV–C ray is a germicidal wavelength that quickly kills micro–organisms by destroying nucleic acids, disrupting the germ’s DNA, rendering them inactive and finally dead. These UV–C rays have been scientifically duplicated and are now utilized in germicidal light bulbs. This technology has been used on a large scale in water treatment plants, medical labs and hospitals for many years. 

“As a groomer, I understood the importance of being able to quickly and efficiently sanitize tools, cages, and work areas,” says Lynne. “I began to create a line of products to benefit groomers and to meet the unique needs of the grooming industry.”

 Through Lynne’s diligence and dedication, the technology of germicidal UV–C light is now available to the grooming industry in a variety of compact, easy to use sanitizing applications. Each of the products Lynne offers has its own purpose and function. 

The wall–mountable anti–microbial UV oven sanitizer, which is the size of a small microwave oven, can be used to sanitize blades and other tools between dogs. Its UV–C light will quickly and efficiently kill 99.9998% of germs on anything that can fit in it. It works without heat, so brushes and combs with wooden or plastic handles are not a problem. Being able to sanitize blades and other equipment between each pet in just minutes eliminates the cross contamination of bacteria between pets.

In addition, she has produced an ingenious portable handheld wand. It is easy to use on tables, cages, tubs, etc., and is perfect for the house call groomer to carry to appointments. A tabletop and a larger UV–C unit on wheels are able to take care of air contamination in larger areas. You simply turn the timer on and leave the room. They will kill germs anywhere the light touches in your salon, mobile unit or kennel.

There is also an anti–microbial hot cup which works utilizing glass beads to produce a dry heat to kill germs on forceps, combs and scissors in about three minutes. 

All the products Lynne produces for the professional pet groomer had to undergo rigorous testing and certification to become compliant with US laws & regulations regarding UV light devices. 

“Tool Klean is an EPA registered company and FCC certified,” says Lynne. “The US certification and approval process isn’t easy, but we are committed to bringing the best possible products to grooming professionals. You may not know it, but if you have equipment in your salon that is not up to federal, state and local codes, you take a chance of being fined if inspected by your insurance company, OSHA, or the local fire marshal. Using UV Light products that do not have an EPA Establishment # on the label are illegal to use in your salon, van, or kennel.”

Sanitizing with UV–C light also saves you money since it eliminates the need for a multitude of cleaning and germicidal products. When your clients see your sanitizing equipment, they will have an increased confidence in you, and peace of mind that you are protecting their pet’s wellbeing.

You have a procedure that you follow with every pet that you groom. Do the same when it comes to establishing a sanitizing routine. Make sanitizing your tools, equipment and facility something you do automatically and without fail.

“Groomers are amazing, creative, and passionate,” says Lynne. “Don’t leave that passion at just the styling. Take it into all aspects of your business. See the value in doing everything possible to make sure your salon is run well; you’re grooming to the best of your ability, and you are protecting the health of the pets you care for.”

This new UV–C technology is revolutionary, and it’s much too important to put off implementing in your business. With its proper use, what you don’t see won’t hurt you. ✂️

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