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Remembering Sophie the Barkleigh Office Cat | 1999-2018

The Err Is to Human, to Purr Divine

The Err Is to Human, to Purr Divine

By Travis Scotto

Sophie was a typical cat—sometimes aloof, affectionate, sleepy, elegant, solitary, selective, needy and many other standard cat descriptors. During her younger, more active years, Sophie had routines and favorites. She would greet her favorite employees every day at the time clock when they would arrive and proceed to follow them back to their desks meowing loudly, with her tail straight in the air as she ran in front. The employees she favored many times had treats waiting for her. Even without the enticement of treats, she was just happy to get a good petting and sit for a while purring loudly.

She had been known to sleep at the feet of people, jump up on their desks, climb up the backs of their chairs, climb up cubicle walls, sleep in baskets full of papers and even take over their seat when left vacant for just seconds. Sometimes she would bunker down behind someone’s desk for hours a day for a quiet nap.

If you were ever in the office alone, many times you would hear Sophie sprinting up and down the halls or making some racket in the back. You quickly learned never to be afraid of the noises—because it was only Sophie.

She had many nicknames, including Sophers, Soph, Kitters, Kitty Roo Roo and Sophia, just to name a few. In our old building, Sophie had to be corralled every night into a smaller office. This meant a challenging game of finding her every day at closing time. The air horn worked marvels for this task. She would sprint from her hiding spot the second that horn went off.


The stories of Sophie are endless. She was the purrfect office cat. If you disliked cats, then she probably wasn’t your favorite. But if you liked cats or had a general love for animals, she was a constant friend. Her presence would bring joy and comfort to your day. She was the definition of feline elegance and deep personality. She will be forever remembered and missed as a member of the Barkleigh family. ✂

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