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Time for the Big Girls

As people who work in the service industry, we’ve all been there. Times when you have to be the adult and deal with things that you really don’t want to deal with. I’ve heard the phrases, “Suck it up,” “Gird your loins,” “Pull the Band-aid Off”, or “Draw a Line In The Sand.” But, no other phrase seems to empower me more than “Putting my Big Girl Panties On.”

Client Communication

Although your official job title may be “Professional Pet Stylist,” it’s a safe bet that many of your clients also expect you to be a mind reader. Whether you have been grooming for only a few months or for 30-plus years, lots of pet owners think that you should automatically know exactly how they want their precious pet groomed.

Are You Listening?

I have been grooming Classy for four years. She is usually a pretty laid back Peke-mix until you get to her face. That is our routine every 6 weeks.
Classy’s father fell ill, and her grooming routine was put on hold for several months. I received a call from her mom, wanting to get her back on track. As I backed Proud Mary into the driveway.

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