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Much More Than A Left Handed Groomer: Nadia Bongelli’s Story

Grooming professionally wasn’t always what the now 28–year–old, Nadia Bongelli had in mind. But since her grooming career began nearly seven years ago, she has become completely immersed in grooming, competing, and dog shows. Bongelli is the sole proprietor of The Purple Dog Groomer, out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

“Before I was grooming, I was attending York University in Toronto,” says Bongelli. Although she enjoyed her studies, Bongelli could not clearly see a future goal for herself that would make all of her hard work feel purposeful, leading to feeling unhappy as a student.

Is It Ever Appropriate To Fire A Customer

Groomers nowadays face many challenges. They face the growing pains of a burgeoning industry mixed with the emergent need to become recognized as professionals. Many groomers are concerned about looming regulation from their city, county, and state governing bodies.

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