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Controlling the Chaos

“Michell, I work in a very busy shop with lots of groomers, bathers and dogs. It is fairly chaotic. I work hard to keep my dogs under control and comfortable at all times, but I struggle. I know it is possible because when I watch videos the dogs are calm and they just stand there. I am so tired of wrestling with dogs all day long. I can’t get help from my co-workers because they let the dogs do anything they want. Do you have any advice on how to get my dogs to cooperate?”

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Burnout: The Struggle is Real

Maybe you’ve been working too hard. You get out there, charge up your engine and it keeps going and going. You enjoy the weekend, (or work the whole time) and love raking in the cash. Or, you have been at this a long time. It’s the only skill you know, but you’ve stuck with it, because it pays the bills. Or, you’re a newbie.

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