PetQuest 2016 - Groomer to Groomer

PetQuest 2016

By Staff

This past June saw another record setting year for PetQuest. Total attendance was up 13% for a total of 1,469 attending groomers. This year also saw 76 different groomers competing, making it the most contest participants in the show’s history.

PetQuest took place June 23rd-26th at the Roberts Center in central Ohio. The Roberts Center is known to be a very dog friendly hotel / convention facility. There is a permanent bathing area, a designated, fenced in dog play area, and a friendly staff that is always quick to greet you and your dog.

Jill Pipino, a groomer who travelled to the show from upstate New York to attend and speak, says that PetQuest is her favorite show because, “It is so relaxed and everyone is so personal.” Jill also loved the facilities, “This hotel is so friendly towards the dogs. And, they do so much to make the whole experience better with the bathing, walking, and clean-up stations. Oh, and there is a Dairy Queen in the parking lot!”

Since its inception more than a decade ago, PetQuest has grown every year, but one. That was a few years ago when the show fell on Father’s Day. This year, another section of the exhibit hall had to be opened up to accommodate the additional vendors.

More information about the 2016 show can be found at A list of the companies that supported the show by exhibiting can be found under the “Vendors” tab. The show will return next year, June 22nd-25th, 2017. Information will be posted on the website when available. ✂

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