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Groomer to Groomer Celebrates 40 Years

Since 1981, Groomers have depended on Groomer To Groomer Magazine, the industry’s premier publication, to keep them abreast of industry trends, up to date on the latest equipment, products and tools, and informed about the issues that affect groomers.

Groomer To Groomer is far more than just a magazine. Many people feel that it is the glue that keeps the grooming world connected.

Groomer To Groomer Magazine was the brain child of Sally Liddick. Sally was a second–generation, small–town groomer. She created the GroomOGram, an informational publication that groomers would hand out to their clients (which is still being published today). With every order of GroomOGrams that she sent out, Sally included a little newsletter that she called “Groomer to Groomer Tips.” In it, Sally shared time–saving ideas and grooming tips that worked for her in her salon. Her aim was to educate other groomers and make their jobs easier. In addition to her tips, Sally always included a little humor or cartoon to brighten their day.

The reception that her little newsletter and the GroomOGrams received was overwhelming. As orders for the GroomOGram grew to over 225,000 copies per issue, so did the popularity and size of Groomer To Groomer. What began as a single sheet of paper, grew to the full–color, industry–leading magazine we see today.


“I have one of the original copies of Groomer To Groomer. It started out as an 11” x 17” page printed on both sides—newspaper style,” says Todd Shelly, President of Barkleigh Productions, Inc. “There’s an interesting fact about that: USA Today came out in 1982 and was the very first national publication to use desktop publishing. Sally Liddick immediately recognized that as the future of publishing. As a result of her foresight, Groomer To Groomer was the second national publication to use desktop publishing.”

When the first issue of Groomer To Groomer was published, the professional pet grooming industry was very much in its infancy. Tools and equipment designed specifically for groomers were very limited. Much of what they used came from the human barber and beauty industry. Grooming competitions, shows and continuing education were few and far between. That has all changed in a big, big way. As Groomer To Groomer Magazine evolved, it helped fuel tremendous growth of the industry.

Every issue contains grooming, business and educational content. Industry news, trends, product introductions and competition results bring the entire grooming community together. And, as always, a little bit of humor is found in every issue.

Groomer To Groomer Magazine reaches over 28,000 active pet care professionals throughout the world. Groomers in the US can sign up for a free subscription, while those in Canada and about 10 other countries pay for a subscription. It is also published in flipbook form online, where it reaches about 5,000 more readers. At this time, the magazine is only available in English, but Barkleigh Productions plans to publish and distribute versions of the magazine in other languages.

Sally Liddick and Gwen Shelly tour the construction site of the Pasadena Convention center, future home of Groom Expo West.

The grooming industry has seen incredible advances in the last 40 years, in part because of the publication that has helped bring professionalism, respect, education and unity to its readers—Groomer To Groomer Magazine. Now, that’s something to celebrate! ✂️


Kathy Hosler

Kathy Hosler opened her shop in 1971 when she was just nineteen years old. She has built a terrific business and is still actively grooming today. Kathy is also a feature writer for Groomer To Groomer and Pet Boarding & Daycare Magazines, and has been nominated twice for the Barkleigh Honors Journalist of the Year Award as well as a Cardinal Crystal Achievement Award for Grooming Journalist.

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